Amazing Sex – 3 Things She WANTS You to Do to Her in Bed

Every Girl is different, but they ALL have ONE thing in common: they ALL want amazing sex and they ALL want it from a Real Man, not some kind of weedy “best friend with a penis” kind of guy.

Don’t bother asking them — they’ll lie to you. But don’t listen to what they say… WATCH what they do! This is why you so often see Hot 10 on the arm of a Neanderthal Douchebag who treats her like dirt — because when he gets her into bed he knows how to give he what she REALLY wants: hot, amazing sex.

So here are just THREE simple things you can do to give her that “Bad Boy” sex between the sheets without having to be a Douchebag everywhere else.

Amazing Sex is Dirty Sex

Here’s a secret for you: your Girl secretly craves you to be a perv. She’s sick and tired of “Nice Guys” being sweet and pretending she’s sexless and they don’t notice her body in that little black number.

No, she WANTS you to admire her boobs and ass and whisper in her ear what you’re going to do to her when you get her home.


Because it’s important for a woman to BE DESIRED BY MEN.

Hey, ever noticed how those ardent Feminists still wear makeup and shave their armpits (and they aren’t ALL lesbians, you know).

Take Control

You know the expression “sweet surrender”, right?

Well, that’s what a woman wants to feel in your arms. Sure, she wants it to be safe, sane, and consensual, but within those boundaries she wants to be overpowered by your sheer animal masculinity. She wants to melt into your arms and have you spin her round bodily in the bed.

Countless women have told me how hot and horny it is to have a strong guy manhandling her in the bed and doing all the things to her she secretly WANTS doing to her but can’t ask for because “good girls” don’t do that kind of thing.

Very few guys are assertive and confident enough to be this way with a girl (which is why there are those few annoying guys who always seem to have those red-hot women in tow).

Learn the Secret Skills

This is the killer. Even if you’re a perv and assertive with her… if it all fizzles out when push comes to shove… you’re just going to disappoint her (and that’s the one and only nail you need in your sexual coffin).

That’s why you need to dominate her sexual desire by giving her the ultimate orgasm any woman can have — a squirting orgasm.

Every woman has the necessary equipment for them and every man can learn the secrets of how to give them.

And once she’s had a squirting orgasm… nothing else is ever going to hit the spot in quite the same way.

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